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The Innovaiton IQ journey began with one question. "Why did we pick that idea?"


Four years later, this problem evolved into something bigger. It’s not just about idea selection. It’s whether or not we are asking and answering all of the important questions about an idea. Because we cannot possibly test every question at once, Innovation IQ enables us to track what we know and what we still need to discover. As one user said, “It’s keeping track of my innovation due diligence.”


Conditional Love


Everybody loves their ideas. But how do you move from emotional blindness to objective assessment? iiQ is the only tool that enables you to love your project and accurately assess its health.


Complete View


When trying to answer a single question, it is hard to keep track of everything else. It is critical to remember the context surrounding your experiments. iiQ provides a 360 degree view of your project.


Inside and Out


Most innovation frameworks focus on commercialization—creating new revenue. But what about ideas that drive cost savings, satisfaction, or quality? iiQ provides the ability to guide internal and external projects.


Plays Nice


Innovation IQ is approach agnostic. Using Lean Startup, Human Centered Design, Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, TQM? It does not matter because iiQ is a high level view of progress, risks, and value.


Fact or Fiction?

New ideas are mostly assumptions and hypothesizes with a little fact sprinkled in for affect. As ideas are tested and validated, “fiction” becomes “fact.” iiQ keeps track of what we “think” we know and what is actually known. Information is presented in a dashboard view.


iiQ Facts or Fiction

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What is the Risk?

The problem with all projects, whether incremental or break-through, is understanding and managing the risks. What is actually a risk varies by project. iiQ provides a broad view of possible risks. As the risk sections are scored, the actual risks for the project are identified. With this knowledge, a project team can build and test strategies to address those risks.

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